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About Us

Domain Communities is a private value-add multifamily real estate investment company with a history of delivering superior returns to its investors and improving the quality of life for its residents.  The company was founded by James D. ("J.D.") Golden, a former attorney and investment banker.  Domain's business plan is straightforward;  identify underperforming multifamily properties with operational and physical deficiencies, acquire and finance the assets with reasonable leverage, rehabilitate the properties, supervise property management, stabilize the properties at or above submarket levels, and sell under favorable market conditions.  By buying intelligently, managing effectively and exiting timely, Domain has created exceptional returns for its partners and investors.  To ensure alignment of interests, Domain invests its capital alongside its partners and investors, and also serves as the Sponsor for each project. Domain has acquired, financed and asset managed over 30 properties and 8,500 multifamily units since its formation, comprising over $600 million in transactions.

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