About Domain Communities

Domain Communities is a private equity firm specializing in multifamily real estate investments, and focused on acquiring Class A and B properties with a minimum of 200 units in Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma and Nevada. To ensure that Domain’s goals are completely aligned with its investors, Domain actively invests its own capital in every transaction. Since its inception in 1998, Domain has completed more than $300 million in multifamily transactions, achieving noteworthy success in producing value-added returns for its clients and investors.

Domain’s focus is clear: identify and acquire underperforming multifamily assets with operational and physical deficiencies, finance the assets with reasonable leverage, and sell them in due course under favorable market conditions with a typical holding period of three to five years. The key to success is the hands-on approach and commitment taken by Domain’s knowledgeable executive team.

Mission Statement
“DOMAIN COMMUNITIES is an opportunistic real estate investment and asset management firm focused on the acquisition of value-add multifamily assets in the Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Nevada markets.”

  • “opportunistic”: move quickly in the short term to identify and tie up attractive deals, and in the longer term to take advantage of shifts in real estate and capital markets.
  •  “real estate investment”: identify multifamily acquisitions and invest Domain’s own capital in each deal to align all stakeholders’ goals and create the maximum returns for all investors.
  • “management firm”: optimize financial performance by controlling both asset and partnering only with best of class property management, and serving as the General Partner in all deals.
  • “focused on the acquisition of value-add multifamily assets”: acquire only multifamily deals with operational and physical deficiencies where Domain can add value through intensive asset management.
  • “Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Nevada markets”:  focus only on locations where its Executive Team live, have lived, or have substantial assets and personal interests, providing a deep understanding of the local markets and industries.

Domain Communities is a private equity firminterior photo of a luxury apartment