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Domain Communities’ investment philosophy and execution are a product of the multifaceted perspective of its executive team, who have backgrounds in investment banking, real estate development, real estate law, and multifamily investment and asset management.  Domain's executive team is hands-on, and is directly involved in every phase of an investment from identification through investment strategy, acquisition, rehabilitation, operation and ultimate sale.

James D. Golden - Founder, Chairman & President

Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Golden’s successes and highest achievements have been the result of recognizing opportunity – opportunity both in challenging and in robust economic periods – and taking proactive, timely measures to capitalize on it. 


Michael Lim - Executive VP, Asset Management

Mr. Lim is the Executive Vice President of Asset Management for Domain Communities.  Mr. Lim is involved in every aspect of the multifamily due diligence, underwriting, acquisition, financing, renovation, asset management and disposition.


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Jay O'Connor - Executive VP, Acquisitions

Mr. O’Connor is the Executive Vice President of Acquisitions for Domain Communities.  Mr. O'Connor has over 23 years of experience in the real estate industry with extensive acquisition, disposition, operational, and financial responsibilities in the multifamily and commercial arenas. 


Rick Needham - CEO

Mr. Needham is the CEO of Domain Communities.  Mr. Needham oversees all aspects of Domain Communities' business, including overseeing operations, legal and all multifamily investments over their full life cycle.


Emily Leppert - Senior VP, Asset Management

Emily Leppert is Senior Vice President of Asset Management for Domain Communities. An energetic executive, Ms. Leppert possesses nearly $1 billion of transaction activity and fifteen years of experience in all aspects of residential real estate.


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