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Tempe, Arizona

A Strong Track Record as a Co-Investing Partner


Domain Communities is a privately-held real estate investment company. We find, fix, operate, and sell multifamily properties in select U.S. markets. By buying intelligently, managing effectively, and exiting timely, Domain has created exceptional returns for its joint venture partners and investors for over two decades. Historically, multifamily has been the least volatile real estate asset class during financial downturns, while offering exceptional return potential during upcycles. Domain has been through the full cycle of multifamily investments time and time again, through good financial times and bad. Through savvy planning for the future, we’ve consistently made a profit for our investors.

Domain Communities distinguishes itself from hundreds of other private multifamily companies by its hefty co-investment with you of Domain’s own capital (generally between 20% – 50% of the limited partner equity). Aside from its performance-based promote structure, Domain seeks to earn a high yield on its invested capital, just like our investment partners. This gives our institutional and individual investors added security that our interests are completely aligned. We always have substantial “skin in the game”.