Value-Add Multifamily Housing

Over the past 20 years, Domain Communities has continuously adapted its value-add multifamily approach, responding to changing market dynamics in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. This market volatility and disruption will likely continue for some time, requiring a continuous evolution to the industry’s classic “value-add” strategy. To remain ahead of its competitors, Domain’s targeted value-add strategy focuses primarily on properties that will produce predictable, consistent, and increasing cash flow for a longer-term hold period. Through Domain’s opportune timing in acquiring newer, Class B apartments in superior locations with little or no deferred maintenance, Domain is targeting opportunities that will produce meaningful cash flow before substantial value-add renovations are completed, yet still providing the opportunity to apply proven value-add strategies to increase rental income.



June 2009

Historical Returns

33.6% average annualized IRR*


60% – 70%


*Historical Returns calculations is based on returns over the past 10 years. Past results do not guaranty future results.
Disclaimer: Any Completed Projects identified herein comprise the average internal rate of return (“IRR”) of the full duration of ownership in a project. Domain Capital Partners, LLC and its affiliates do not guarantee any investment performance, outcome, or return of capital for any investment opportunity posted on this website. All investments involve risk and may result in loss of an investor’s entire investment. All investments through Domain are subject to full syndication documentation, which includes Accredited Investor qualifications. Click here to view full disclaimer.

The Residences at City Center
Atlanta, Georgia

The Residences at City Center
Atlanta, Georgia